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Meeting naughty singles online on your leading online dating Australian site is quick, given the number of singles looking for hookups on our website. We take pride in our platform being the single site in Australia, where you will find the most exciting collection of Australian singles. Our modern search engine helps you to filter your search and find a mutual match from the large pool of members on our website. Our internal engine saves you time by ensuring that you get concise results when you query Australian singles on your search bar. On the Aussie dating sites scene, you will find the widest variety of Australian singles on Our goal is to ensure that we present you with as many options to meet your desired partner depends on racial and national preferences.

Our singles also can be found by sorting out religions, social and political interests, added to width your choices. You can therefore be sure that whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, you will find an exciting match on our Australian dating site. To add on our diversity, Aussie singles on our dating website span various careers. We have medical professionals, teachers, lawyers, bankers, grocery store attendants, waiters, therapists, among other professionals looking for hookups on our websites. Given the multiracial nature of most Australian cities, Aussie singles from our dating website come from various nationalities. Whether you are looking for white, black, or Asian hookups in Australia, you are sure to find your match on our website. Warm singles on our inclusive Australian website will find you interesting regardless of your religion, culture, or racial background, and you will get hits soon after creating your profile on our dating website. We have made our registration process easy so that you can quickly get into the game.

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We have ensured that you will get the best Aussie women to date in your hometown. From the northern cities near Oluru - the sacred stone, to the southern towns - home to the Flinders Chase National Park, we have local single girls on waiting to meet, date, and have fun. Find dates with local singles on our website easily. The first and easy way of browsing through Aussie singles nearby is by using our internal search bar. When you type, "Aussie Singles near me" on the search bar, we shall bring you many singles looking to date in your location. Most of the success stories that we have had are of people meeting dates who live a block or two away from them, or a short bus ride to each other. Alternatively, you can find local Aussie singles in our fun Australian chatrooms.

After joining the chatroom and finding a date in your hometown, you can start a private conversation that will lead to a coffee in your local restaurant or a ride in your local amusement park. If you find it difficult to date, our advice will come in handy to help you overcome your fears and succeed at dating in Australia. Our advice comes from experienced, well-trained staff on matters dating and matchmaking. Our customer service team is always ready to answer any questions that you may have about the difficulty in using our online dating platform. Local search on is an excellent way of meeting and dating Australian singles, given that you do not need to travel to distant lands to meet your desired partner or break a bank while at it. You will most likely have a lot in common with your prospective date when you come from the same city.

Lucas 31 Melbourne

As a 31-year-old with a busy work schedule, finding time to go to bars and clubs to meet women is a toll order. I was lucky to have joined this website since I now get to meet many women in my hometown, and I do not have to travel a mile to meet a date; she is just around the corner.

Success Stories From our Site

Every day, beautiful dating stories are made on the OneNightFriend. Your dating story with a happy ending is waiting for you right here on this Australian dating site, and we hope that these success stories will inspire you as much as they did us:

Amelia 26 Canberra

Every day, beautiful dating stories are made on this Australian dating site. Your dating story with a happy ending is waiting for you right here at We don't give up our hopes that these success stories will inspire you as much as they did us:

Grace 55 Sydney

I have lived a lonely life after my husband died 12 years ago. When I decided to come out and have fun two years ago, I did not know where to start after bring out of the game for too long. Luckily, I learned about this dating site and found love again.

Noah 21 Adelaide

I have been looking to find a gay partner in Adelaide, and it has not been easy for me. When I learned about this website, I found him, and I am now living a happier, more fulfilled life.

Charlotte 30 Gold Coast

I am a 35-year-old career woman with a very tight work schedule. Since I cannot find time to date, I find the occasional weekend hook up from this site exciting and easy to find.

Complete your profile

The more detailed your profile, the more likely you are to attract singles you’re compatible with. So, it makes sense to take some time to make this important page as interesting as possible. You can include information about your appearance, including hair and eye colour and body type, your ethnicity, and your ethnicity and income. You can also share a status to express your thoughts. We strongly recommend uploading a few photos of yourself as we know that profiles with images receive far more views than those without.

Send winks and messages

Making contact with other members is easy. Simply send them a flirty wink or a message to let them know you’d like to chat. If they reply and you feel a spark between you, you can always choose to talk in real-time. What’s great is that there are various Safe Mode options to allow you to control who can contact you – this may be useful if you’re worried about privacy.

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If you want to meet local singles seeking hookups quickly, head to our chat rooms. There are always friendly people online, and many of them will be looking to meet someone with your qualities. What’s more, it’s a good way to meet guys or girls who you might otherwise never have considered dating.

Meet Women Seeking Men in Australia is filled with profiles of women seeking men in Australia. Regardless of whether you are looking for a lifetime partner or a discreet fling, our adult dating site will help you to meet your Australian girl quickly. When meeting and dating Aussie women, you will be sure to enjoy the diverse cultures of Aussie people, as well as their loyalty to you. Therefore, creating your profile is a step closer to a story with a happy ending.

We Make Online Dating in Australia Fun

Online dating in Australia should be fun and not a gruelling struggle to meet compatible matches. As the leading Australian dating site, we always endeavour to make your dating experience fun and easy by providing essential tools and an enabling environment to meet and date Aussie singles. We have detailed profiles that will enable you to learn so much just at glancing at single's personals. These detailed profiles save you a lot of time and energy and make it easier to find hookups.

Buckle up for Our Adrenaline Filled Australian Chat

Similarly, our site has an Australian chatroom to help you nail dating specifically. Our strict policy against bullying and cyber trolling make our Australian chat an exciting way to meet single women. Our chatrooms are unlimited, with very minimal rules and you can chat with as many singles as you would like to. Aussie singles will, however, find a lazy "hey" message dull and commonplace. The trick is to find an interesting detail about someone and commenting about it.

Our Australian Dating Site Protects Your Data

Finally, your data is safe with You can rest assured that we shall only use the information you share with us solely to provide you with the opportunity to meet your perfect partner. We do not share your data with any third party, since we handle most of our processes internally. You can be sure that you won't receive a myriad of spam messages or sales emails that you didn't subscribe to after registering with us.

One Night Stand Dating Tips

NSA dates make us feel spontaneous, and they give you an adrenaline rush. If you are not into serious dating right now, one-night-stand with singles will spice your evening in a naughty and relaxing manner. But how do you get to find one?

State Your Intention From the Onset

Any date whose intention is not known will rarely lead to a happy ending. Lying to your online partner that you want to commit to marriage when all you need is a one-night-stand will not help your course. With the thin line between consent and reject, you could find yourself in very complicated court cases that can ruin your relationships at the start. You do not need to say it using words, but subtle non-verbal communication goes a long way. If your partner seems reserved to the idea, then maybe you should cast your nets elsewhere.

Be Naughty, not Vulgar

Let's face it, we both know that we are here for a good night's full of happiness, but when you send disgusting texts that border pervasion, you will lose your potential date. On the other hand, being flirty in a playful way is cool. When having online communication, avoid sending pictures of your nude body, especially if you are a man and send them to a woman; they never work. Another thing to avoid, like the plague, is the temptation to make lewd jokes about your partner's body.

Be Fun, not Boring

Remember, one-night-stand dating is all about spontaneity. Spontaneous people tend to be attracted to people who make them laugh and also bring out their creative side as well. So if you want that happy ending, don't bore your date to death. Being fun is nowhere near, forcing jokes that are not funny or cliché. You should also avoid jokes that are insensitive or pejorative. The trick is listening to them and staying on the safe side of your date's lane.

Read the Atmosphere

While on a date, ensure that you read your partner's verbal and non-verbal cues to know that they are open to the arrangement of spending the night together. Long-lasting eye contact with dilated pupils, while subconsciously licking their lips, is a sign that the cat is in the bag. Also, if she is subconsciously touching you while talking is another sign that your date might have a happy ending, and so is a playful pat on your backside.

Break the Ice with Subtle Touches

Don't wait until the end of the night to start asking for something much intimate. Let your partner get used to your touch early. Hold her hand as you cross the road, a light touch to her waist after pulling the chair, or opening the door for her is a great way to break the social distance barriers. If you wait too long, it will feel awkward to start kissing at the end of the date when you haven't even held hands.